We are not Manly Enough


There is something in a man that vehemently prompts him to consider whether he has the strength and aptitude to fulfill his duties and achieve his goals. Men may harden themselves to this prompting, as indeed they must, in the course of duty; they may distract themselves from it by pursuits, necessary and unnecessary; but the prompting remains a great source of male pain… and male progress.

It’s important for men to be challenged, because it helps them to grow; yet it is painful, particularly for the man who is both analytical and sensitive. To give all of the time, energy, effort and even emotion that you can to a career, a cause, a relationship, and yet to fail; to do your best to lead, and to know that your weaknesses Continue reading


The Value of the Phrase “Be a Man”

The phrase, “Be a man,” can be used in a lot of very appropriate and positive ways, rather than just the negative ones that people are cataloging on Twitter with #BeAMan. One very valuable thing that a good father does for his children is to challenge them.

Challenging someone makes him uncomfortable so that he will move from the complacency of comfort into the pain of growth. Hence, the phrase, “Be a man,” is in the same category as the phrase, “Get a job.”

Yes, becoming a man means hardening yourself in certain ways; yes, it means learning to put your emotions aside for the sake of those in your care; yes, it involves pain; but those sacrifices are necessary for the good of families and societies.

Have you tweeted critical remarks about the bad examples of manhood in “society” and in “the media”? How about getting off of the computer, limiting your children’s access to television/radio/internet, and actually spending time with your kids, showing them what healthy manhood looks like by your example?

There’s a worthy resolution for the new year.

Bob Costas Make-up Intervention

LipsBob Costas, this is an intervention:  we know that image is very important in your occupation, but so is respectability. You look like you are wearing almost as much make-up as the female sportscasters. The juxtaposition of your face with the faces of male athletes has become so odd that my buddies and I cannot take you seriously. We joke about your lipstick on a regular basis. Please tone it down. Please.

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Should You Grow a Beard?


There is nothing like a dame who digs a beard, but do people really find men with facial hair more attractive than men without it? That question has been the focus of numerous studies, including a couple of more recent ones in the South Pacific.

According to studies in Australia and New Zealand, women consider heavy stubble to increase attractiveness but–when focusing specifically on attractiveness– are averse or indifferent to a full beard. Or are they? Continue reading